the gallerage

What is The Gallerage?

“The Gallerage” is like a “Mullet”… business up front, a party in the back and quite simply, my former two car garage… divided down the middle. Shop and pool table on one side… Art Gallery on the other.


Though I am located in Campbell River, my Gallery is still located in a wonderful part of Burnaby, near Deer Lake along the walking route into the park.

I have spent a lot of time over the years tinkering in this garage, during my working years in Vancouver, then came up with the “Gallerage” to serve two purposes…. it gives me a casual display space for my paintings on my schedule, but most importantly, an opportunity to clean out the garage. That, plus get a pool table.

After taking the buyout from Postmedia in 2017, I was able to paint and upcycle full time and open the doors to the Gallerage for the first time.

I look to keep the Gallerage open through 2018 but eventually plan to locate a new gallery in Campbell River in 2019, once it has been completed.

The Gallerage has no set hours, but the house rules are easy.

If the sign is on the side of the road and the garage doors are open, you have two choices… drop in and view my work (buying is never discouraged) or challenge me to a game of pool for a friends discount.