the gallerage

What was The Gallerage?

“The Gallerage” was like a “Mullet”… business up front, a party in the back and quite simply, my former two car garage… divided down the middle. Shop and pool table on one side… Art Gallery on the other.

Though I have located full time to Campbell River, my fondest memories are set in the Gallerage, which was located near Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC.

The Gallerage had no set hours, but the house rules were easy. You had two choices… drop in and view my work (buying is never discouraged) or challenge me to a game of pool for a friends discount.
The Gallerage was closed in February of 2019, when I officially moved over to my home in Campbell River.

A new Gallerage is now under construction, with the completion date sometime over the summer of 2020.
I won’t have a pool table to challenge you on for the discount, but perhaps down the road.