my painting process

The image is usually random as I really don’t know what I will paint from painting to painting. I do use the magnificent walnut tree in the front yard for my sketching and quick paint exercises. I always find inspiration in its branches.

I don’t print the images off or trace them. I have my computer beside my painting table (an old converted drafting table) and I will sketch and paint from there.


I have restored an reupholstered an old stylist chair and this allows me to swing in and out of the work area as well as adjust the elevation to accommodate the different sizes I am working on. I like to work early in the morning and again after the evening meal… spending anywhere from 40 – 60 hours per painting.

I used to paint in watercolor, but my works were too¬†hyper-realistic to be using watercolor paints and having worked with Acrylics and oils in the past, I thought I’d experiment with Gouach… and I’m still experimenting.