March 08.20

Pole dancing octopus

I always voice my opinion (wanted or not) at the recycling centre, for having a voluntary 24-28 hour drop off site for items that are (or could be) functional and usable to other upcyclers.
This site would be open to the public for free drop off of small working applicances and yard equipment (no fridges, stoves, washers or dryers) like lawnmowers, bicycles, metal tubing etc.
There is a site just outside of Merville that I check every week on Sunday. I have found many treasures there and enough material to fabricate the “Pole Dancing Squid” Weathervane.
Old Bedrails aren’t worth much at the Restore, but the metal in them is better than the L channels you would buy in Home Depot and twice the steel content.

We all need to fix it and stop throwing things out. My philosophy is this… Have I fixed it more than once? Fix it again.
Have I fixed it more than three times, more specifically can it still be fixed and working reasonably for a period of time… Fix it again.
Bikes are a common throw away, rusted chains and and left from neglect are the majority of reasons I have seen them thrown away.
I think of all the low income families that would love a new REbike for their family to ride.
Instead of throwing things out, go to the FREE section on CL or post it on the FB marketplace in your region. Someone will want it and they will truly appreciate the effort you have made to keep the object from the landfill and welcome in a new home.

The answer is always… liability!