Upcycled Gate Latch

I found the twisted wrought iron spirals several years ago and rather than use it as is, I opened the twists up and added a dramatic curved arm.

price” $0

top view

front view
side view

Upcycled 50s office chair

The chair was found at the local metal scrap yard we call the “Merville Mall”. I had the material for the seat cushion stitched and extra material for the backing added to the order. The wheels were a true score. Upcycled again from an piece of hospital equipment that was discarded in the mall as well. A little paint and I have a great little office chair

price” $

new upholstery
gunmetal grey paint
locking hospital wheels

Upcycled table lamp

Made from a discarded chandelier, I loved the little flower details. A couple of the petals were broken off, and the wiring had to be completely replaced. I have plenty of spare lamp parts laying around, so it was a matter of finding a combination that worked together. A couple coats of metallic paint and I found the shades at the local Restore.

price: $

first assembly
flowers painted at random
nice light

Custom chimney cap

We get some pretty strong winds on the island and I needed something a little sturdier than anything I could find in the store or online. All metal was found at the Metal Supermarket and about 1/2 the price of retail stores. Heavy gauge steel built to withstand gale force winds.

price” $$

onsite measurement & design
built for heavy duty
solid steel ridge lines with inset