Half studio half upcycling station

My Space

I have always wanted a dedicated art studio and workspace.
We have a woodworking shop and a garden shed, but I was looking for a place that I could really hunker down, to paint and tinker without worrying about noise and what time of the day it was.
My own manshed.

Because of it’s size, we had to make it legal and the city planners were extremely helpful and willing to guide me through the process from application to sign off.

I designed a 10×20 shed with easy access from each side. The french doors were custom made as well as the sliding barn door.

We had the floor poured in the “L” shape to accommodate the covered outdoor work space.
I wanted the studio side open to the sunlight to allow as much natural light inside.
We even repurposed the two skylights that were replaced, when I had the roof done on the house. Nothing wrong with them, not sure why we had to replace them in the first place?