Old Growth Fir Art Table

I was given six ancient 4″x10″ wooden beams, which were once part of the old PNE roller coasters main building.
I used 4 of the beams to build a rustic farm desk and the rest to create the legs for a new painting desk for my studio.

I had to include these big knot features into the design.
brass handle and old mirror frame
joinery detail still rough
ready for sanding
plenty of paint storage

“To improve is to change;
to be perfect is to change often.”
– Winston Churchill

adjustable top

West Coast Lighthouse

My dad built his first lighthouse many years ago and I have always been impressed with his attention to detail. It was moved around a couple times and after nearly 20 years, it was starting to show it’s age.
We had it in the workshop when a neighbour saw it and asked if we were making any more. He thought about it for a bit and said sure, why not one more. We figured it would be quicker to do two at once and maybe we could sell both of them.
We’ve seen ones available online and them to be lacking.
These are sturdy and will last decades under the right conditions.

We used an upside down cup for the light feature, almost looks real.
Construction phase of the cabin feature.
Holding it all together while the glue sets.
Roof on and the porch has been added.
First coat of paint, the first of five coats.
Carved rescue boat
wood shed detail
all painted ready
to be installed
All the pieces together
with the woodshed and rescue boat

Chimney Cap

The chimney cap was in pretty rough shape. Open and exposed to the elements and any flying or four legged critter that would choose these unused fireplace chimneys to reside in.
We get some very strong winds that come storming in off the ocean and an extra heavy duty cap was going to be needed.
I picked up all of the steel from the Steel Warehouse and built this over a weekend in my old shop.