David Rigler, Artist:

I cherish the times of day when light is everything, which, in a single moment can transform what we see… into a perfect moment in time.

To seek the infinite subtleties of low light and the stories hidden in shadows, I love faces that have history and joy, the eccentric, the difficult, the ordinary.
I celebrate the human of us and the infinite fantasticality of nature, I hope you enjoy my passion as much as I do.
Primarily in gouache and watercolours, I consider myself a portrait artist struggling to break the boundaries of hyper-realism.

Graduating from high school was a lifetime ago, with an Arts Scholarship for Emily Carr… but never attended, instead choosing to work within the newspaper industry as a designer and illustrator.

I returned to painting seriously in 2005 and now paint full time from my home in Campbell River.

In 2019 I am introducing the “Grumm’p”.
My mobile ARV, Art RV, a portable studio, which I will used to travel across Canada in 2020, painting my way from coast to coast. For the balance of 2019 I will be painting my way up and down Vancouver Island, looking for interesting people and places to paint. You can follow me on facebook @ my thoughts exactly.