David Rigler,

I cherish the times of day when light is everything.
When a single moment, can transform what we see everyday… into that perfect moment in time.
To seek the infinite subtleties of low light and stories hidden in the shadows.

I love faces that have history and joy, the eccentric, the difficult and the ordinary. Celebrating both the human of us and the infinite fantasticality of nature.

Primarily working in gouache and watercolours, I consider myself a portrait artist struggling to break the boundaries of hyper-realism.

Graduating from high school was a lifetime ago, with an Arts Scholarship for Emily Carr… but never attended, instead choosing to work within the newspaper industry as a designer and illustrator.
I retired to painting, seriously in 2005 and now paint full time from my new home in Campbell River.

In 2019 I introduced Ol’son, my ARV (Arts Research Vehicle). A fully renovated 1985 Grumman Olson Step Van, converted into a mobile art studio, with which I plan to travel across Canada, painting my way from coast to coast… in the very near future

In 2020 progress continued with Ol’Son and saw the completion of the New Art Studio and gallery. 
Hunkering down for a winter of painting and projects, I look forward to seeing the return of a healthy world and will soon embark on an art gathering tour of Canada.

You can follow me on facebook @ my thoughts exactly or on instagram @mythoughts3xactlee/